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Gravitation Drabble Community

the memories scattered underfoot blur together

Gravitation Drabble Challenges
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I N T R O;
     100gravi is a drabble community for the animanga series Gravitation by Maki Murakami. The purpose of this community is for users to post their stories within 100 to 300 words. If it’s not too much over the limit and you want to post it up anyways, then go ahead. I’m not going to recount it unless it’s obvious that you went over the limit.
     Each week (or so, but one week is preferred, though it's the challenger's decision on the date) the winner of the previous challenge will become the challenger and post their theme according to what they want in it.

R U L E S;
     Please, before posting or joining this community take note of the rules. Failure to comply with said rules with result in one warning. If you continue to not follow these rules, then you will be banned. No exceptions.

1. Put your entry into a lj-cut. Leave your information for the entry out of it, though.
2. The format of your entry should go by this example:
   Word Count:
3. All, and this means *all*, types of relationships are allowed.
4. Drabbles outside of the challenges are encouraged!! ♥
5. No flaming, dude. Keep it to compliments and constructive criticism.
6. Unless you have the permission of the mod, NO ADVERTISING IS ALLOWED.
7. Two entries per challenge maximum. In fact, you get cookies and stuff if you do indeed enter two. I love inspiration. X3;
8. Sorry..due to the fact that I’m POOR POOR POOR (and a little girlie) no prizes. No banners either. Besides, I’m pretty sure that I lack in the graphic department anyways. ;~;
9. No whatever junk posts outside of drabbles will be tolerated.

C O N T A C T;
   Journal: disparue
   MSN: yoliness[at]msn.com
   AIM: forsaken haze